Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Prayer 1135

Most Merciful God, with grateful hearts we rise from our rest, grateful for your sheltering love throughout the night. 

Accept our contrition, Lord God, for our sins, and our inactivity in the face of evil. Manifold are our faults, O God, but the mercy of the Lord endures forever, and we cast ourselves upon your grace. Lead us to renounce division, envy, malice and slander, but help us to embrace each other in peace. Renew a right spirit within us, and give us strength and courage to cling to your way of justice and compassion. 

Bless and keep us, Holy One, that we may follow in the Way of Christ, rejoicing in united fellowship. Bend your ear to receive the prayers of our hearts, and settle your blessing and healing on those we now name, we humbly pray.


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