Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Prayer 1120- Remake our hearts

In peace, we pray to You, O Creator and Redeemer. With every indrawn breath, may we breathe in the mercy of God, and with every heartbeat, may we give thanks to You, the Ground of Our Being. 

We thank You for the gift of community, and for the fellowship of the Holy Spirit as we journey through this day. 

Unravel our stubborn hearts and remake them to love fully and courageously, knit together in unity by your grace, O Savior. Make our spirits a dwelling place for peace and truth, O God, that the gospel of love may reign within us. 

We ask for the courage to stand for justice and the strength to practice mercy and compassion, Lord Christ, as you yourself taught us. 

God of Mercy, your love is a balm for every care: envelop in your mercy those who call upon You.


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