Monday, February 15, 2016

Prayer 1119- for compassion and empathy

Almighty God, Source of All Goodness, we gather before You in prayer, grateful for your love which never sleeps. 

Strengthen us in compassion, and in the courage to love as your Son taught us to do. Guide us in the way of justice and mercy, that we may protect the vulnerable and serve the common good. Let us be knit together in faithfulness to the cause of peace, loving each other as we love ourselves. 

Holy One, You are the Source of our strength, our wisdom, and our very being rests in You. May we place our hearts at your feet, Lord Christ, that you may purify them to do your healing work in the world. 

Send forth your Spirit to comfort those in distress, in weariness, in sorrow, O Savior. Place the mantle of your blessing over those whose prayers are breathed within sighs too deep for words, O Merciful One. Remember all those who call upon You, O God, especially those whose needs we now enshrine within our hearts.


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