Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Prayer 1009

Marigolds in the Shepherd Farms garden, Church of the Good Shepherd, Town and Country, MO.

Lord Jesus, we invite your presence into our hearts, 
that we may abide with You,
and learn your ways of peace and justice. 
Renew and restore those 
whose souls are cast down within them, 
O Holy One;
refresh them with springs of living water. 
Shield us from the arrows 
of those who lie in wait for us, Merciful One, 
and heal their hearts of their angry wounds. 

Guide us, O God, 
that our ways be gentle and blameless, 
sowing peace where there is discord and strife. 
Help us seek a deeper knowledge of You 
and of your saving ways, O Redeemer. 
Let our thoughts and prayers be directed toward You in hope, 
O Holy Spirit, 
that we may humbly hear your word, and act. 

Gathered with all your saints, O Merciful God, 
we lift up those whose hope is in You.


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