Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prayer 1008

Draw us near to You, O Love Divine, and give us hearts of beauty in place of our hearts of stone, we pray. 

Bring us to repentance and renewal, that we may turn from our presumptions and carelessness toward our neighbors. 

Keep us in the hollow of your hand, Lord Christ, and on the lee side of your sheltering love. 

Draw us in to sit in the presence of Eternal Love and Truth, O Holy Spirit, and set alight our adoration. 

Open our ears, O God, to hear the music of eternity in cool autumn rains and skittering leaves, and wonder at your creation. 

Bind up the wounds of those who ache or weep, and soothe the fevered brows of those in distress, O Redeemer. Secure within your embrace, O Holy One, we ask that your blessing descend upon those we remember before You.


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