Monday, June 22, 2015

Prayer 881

The sunset of the summer solstice after over a week of rain, traveling in Illinois on Interstate 70.

Lord Jesus, we raise a song of praise to the heavens, and scatter our thanksgivings before the throne of the Almighty. Let us stand, heart to heart, united in our worship of our God and Creator. Let us taste and see that God is good, holding fast to our faith and to each other. Let us raise our eyes to heaven, to see God's love for us painted in the stars that hand in the canopy of the sky. Let us open our hearts to see the light of God shining from the faces of those around us, and embrace God's call to love. Holy One, you know our rising and our resting: envelop us, all our hopes and all our anxieties, and pour out your peace upon us as we pray.


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