Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Prayer 868

Light in the Chapel at the Marianist Retreat Center, Eureka, MO.

Blessed Jesus, You are the light and life of the world: guide us into justice and truth. 

Let us seek to keep the peace by keeping peace first in our hearts, banishing all fear and hatred. 
Let us seek to pursue justice by taking the hand of mercy and forbearance, remembering all that we have been forgiven. 
Let us have compassion instead of anger, love instead of suspicion, serenity instead of war in our hearts. 
Let us go forward in faith, renewed in hope, uplifted by God's abiding covenant of love. 

Draw us together, Most Merciful God, and send forth your Spirit to renew in us hearts of courage and the will to work together. Stretch forth your hand, O Holy One, and draw those we name beneath the shadow of your wings.


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