Sunday, March 22, 2015

Prayer 790

Fairest Lord Jesus, draw us before your altars today, and feed us with your word and sacraments. Strengthen us in bonds of love, faithfulness, and charity, propelled by hope to build your reign in our hearts. 

May the shade of your blessing overspread us, and the peace of your fellowship bind us firmly together in your name. May we drink deeply of the living water from the wells of salvation, bought by You in your love for us. May we join hands across all that we allow to divide us, and see your face, O Beloved, in each one we see around your altar. 

Turn our hearts to your truth, and turn our feet to walk in paths of mercy, following the footsteps of saints and disciples who have gone before us. Shower us with your blessing, O Holy One, and stretch forth your hand of healing and comfort to those we now name.


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