Friday, March 13, 2015

Prayer 781

A detail from an Emil Frei window at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Ferguson, MO where I am doing an internship. Please pray for peace and justice in Ferguson.
Open our hearts, O Blessed Savior, that we may be filled with fire for your call to love and repentance. Accept our heartfelt remorse for all our sins; for our actions, and for the times we did not act in the face of wrong. May we dedicate ourselves to building your kingdom: to empower, to encourage, to work for enlightenment and peace. May we seek to be healing hands in an aching world, Lord Christ, grounded in true love and faithfulness. May we plant peace where there are now barren fields, and may we start within our own troubled hearts. Make us a people for others, embodying generosity, humility, kindness, and wisdom, working peace in your name. Holy One, we lay before You our cares and concerns, trusting in your mercy, rejoicing in your steadfast love.


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