Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prayer 780- Inspired by Psalm 23

(Based on Psalm 23)
God is our shepherd and provider,
You claim us as your own.
God leads us into pastures that supply all our needs;
You give us rest, wholeness, and security.
God refreshes and revives our souls anew;
leading us into truth,
trusting us to follow and glorify God's Name.
You shield us by your strength and vigilance;
when trials approach us,
we have no fear,
for You hold us in your hand
even when the darkness of death looms.
You provide a rich banquet for us even as enemies look on;
You have consecrated us and blessed us abundantly.
Your steadfast promise of love enfolds us,
and goodness and mercy are our sure companions
as You lead us through our lives.
We rest securely in your arms,
and our home is with You forever.
O Shepherd, hear the call of your people and gather them close, especially those we now name.


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