Sunday, August 3, 2014

Prayer 559

Sunset at Camp Phoenix.

Merciful One, we give thanks to worship before your altar and sing praises to your Name! 

May our lives testify to your goodness and power, and may all we do uplift the spirits of those around us. Let us join hands in perfect love with all who seek to do good and walk in justice and peace. May we seek to bear each other's burdens and lighten each other's loads, loving those we meet as ourselves. May we seek to act in love, charity, and compassion for all living things. Guide, guard and keep us as we journey through life, that we may bring honor and glory to You. 

Let us rest like children upon your breast, O God, when we falter or are troubled, for your love is a balm to our souls. Eternal Spirit, embrace those whose needs we lift to you now, especially those we now name.


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