Monday, August 25, 2014

Prayer 581

At the prayer service and march for peace and justice and Ferguson on August 21, 2014, hosted by Holy Communion Episcopal Church. Mike Brown was laid to rest today, August 25.

Let us praise the Lord our God, who has set the seal of salvation upon us and blessed us this day. We thank You for the glory of the rising sun, and for the gift of your unfailing love. Almighty One, have mercy upon us, and lead us into paths of righteousness and compassion for all beings. Stretch out your hand over the bowed heads of the faithful, and guide us to wisdom and peace. Give us compassionate hearts and willing hands to do your work in the world. Comfort those who cry out to You, O Jehovah, and draw us to your breast like little children. We lift up the prayers of those whose hope is in You, O Loving One, for we know that You are always near


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