Sunday, August 24, 2014

Prayer 580

O Merciful God, we come before your sanctuary to give thanks and to worship You, our Creator and Shepherd. We bless You, O Mighty One, for You place us upon a rock when the waters rise and the foundations of our lives are shaken. Our hearts and minds are firmly fixed in hope, O God, for You are with us always. Give us joy in being together on this sabbath, and may we hallow our fellowship with true love and charity. Give us the grace to ask forgiveness of those we have wronged as we prepare to come before your altar. Forgive us for our obstinacy and our pettiness, for our failure to love You and each other. Bless those who mourn this day especially, and strengthen those who struggle to recover from illness. We lift up these beloved children who cast their cares and concerns upon the altar of your Love.


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