Sunday, May 18, 2014

Prayer 482

Window in Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis

Fountain of All Blessing, we come to your sanctuary to honor You and bless You for your call to us to be your people. Let your courts ring with our songs of praise and common prayer as we seek to be disciples of your Son our Savior. 

You have called us to unity, justice, and peace: let us labor with joy in the vineyards of the Lord. 
You have given us abundant love and called us to abundant love: let our hearts always be generous to our brothers and sisters. 
You have sealed us as your own forever: let us praise the grace which You have poured into our hearts until they overflow. 
You have healed our pain and bound up our wounds: let us bring your light into the darkness. 
You have encircled us with arms of forgiveness and comforted our fears: let our lives be testimony to the power of your Spirit. 

Hear our praises and prayers, our invocations and our alleluias, as we bring them before your glorious throne.


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