Saturday, May 17, 2014

Prayer 481- For consecration

My son Scott confirms his faith, surrounded by (from right to left) his sister, his grandmother, his godmother, his godfather, and clergy of our parish and diocese.
Loving One, we turn our faces with joy to the rising sun, thankful for your watchful love over us during the night. We have hope in the love of God, who is the Father and Mother of All. 

Be with your servants this day, O Lord, who come before You to again express their faith in You and their love for your people. 

Let us resist evil and persevere in good, and seek forgiveness when we fall from the path You have set before us. 

Let us all continue in discipleship, fellowship, communion, and prayer. 

Let us all seek to serve God in all persons and in all our ways. 

Let our words and actions proclaim our love for God through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and may we be inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

Let us love each other and all persons as images of the Divine, as Christ before us, beside us, and behind us. 

Let us work for peace through justice and equity, and never turn away from those who seek our aid.

O Loving One, place your hand of blessing and consecration upon these for whom we pray.

My son Scott prepares to be confirmed with Bishop Wayne Smith on May 17, 2014.

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