Thursday, February 6, 2014

Prayer Written When the Alarm Clock Went Off 45 Minutes Late (Day 381)

We praise You, O Almighty and Merciful God: look with favor upon your servants today, as we seek to do your will. 

We pray for the leaders of nations, that they act with justice and integrity. 
We pray for peace throughout the world, especially in Southern Sudan, Ukraine, and Syria. 
We pray for those of faith, especially your Church, that we be united in love and service to You. 
We pray for those who are cold or homeless, that we treat them with dignity and justice. 
We pray for those who have lost their way, that they may recover their hope and rest in Your love. 
We give thanks for your manifold blessings, for love, and laughter, and the chance to serve You and worship You free from fear. 
We pray for the sick, in body, mind, or soul, that your healing embrace may surround them and make them whole. 
We pray for those who have died and those who mourn, that your light surround them. 

Hear the prayers of your people, and rest your loving hand of blessing and mercy upon those we now name.


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