Friday, February 7, 2014

Prayer for Light (Day 382)

As the days grow ever brighter, O Merciful One, we give thanks to your for your guidance and steadfast love. 

May the light of Christ shine upon us, and shine within us, brighter than a thousand suns. Teach us to see in each face the light of God, and may we cause that light to shine brighter with love. 

Loving one, we cast all the wounds that bind us upon the waters of your mercy, trusting You to renew our spirits. May gentleness and compassion blaze within the hearths of our hearts, and drive away all shadows of complacency and pride. 

May we arise from your worship aflame with purpose, fervently seeking your will in our lives. We commend to you the needs and concerns of those around us which we hold within our hearts, especially those we now name. 


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