Saturday, January 18, 2014

Prayer of Dedication and Discernment (Day 362)

We awaken with joy, uplifted by the Hand of God, our refuge and our rock. 

May we seek to serve You in unity and truth, using the gifts You have given us to build the kingdom of God. Take our hands and take our hearts, O Source of All Being: all that we have is Yours. 
Let us empty ourselves of everything but your call to love and serve You, and to love and serve all. 

Rest upon the hearts of those we love, and teach us to love each other and treasure their beauty as your child. We treasure your many blessings within our hearts; they spread to the very corners of our lives. We thank you for the voices of friends in the morning, and the companionship of Christ through the day. 

When trials beset us, may we remember that we dwell in the Shadow of the Almighty, who gathers us within Love's embrace. God calms the waters when storms arise, and sets us to rest, secure upon the gentle waves which carry us through each day. With gratefulness for your mercy, we place the needs of our loved ones before You, O God: hear our prayer.


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