Friday, January 17, 2014

Prayer 361

Dame Julian of Norwich

Let us rise up and shine forth the glory of God: New every morning, all of your creation praises thee, O Lord of hosts! 

Let us be knit together in mission, love, and faithfulness as You are One, O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As celestial bodies are moved under mutual attraction, draw us into your orbit, O King of Heaven. All power and glory are Yours, yet You have given us freedom: let us freely choose to serve You in all things. Make us worthy to claim your Name, that our obedience and compassion may sing out our place within your household. 

Incline your ear to our prayers for those we name, O Most Merciful God, as we bear them up in tenderness.



  1. This is a lovely icon. Who wrote it?

    1. I got it from here: . I usually try to only use my own images, but I did borrow this one because I, too, liked it.