Thursday, January 23, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 17 (Day 367)

(Inspired by Psalm 25)
O Loving One, we cast ourselves into your embrace; we rest upon your breast and know peace. In You we put our trust: we will never be shaken, for You are our God, and You watch over us as we sleep. Our rest is in You through the watches of the night, and our hope is in You all through the day. Lord Jesus, teach us your ways, that we may never let our feet slip from the path of the Almighty. We rejoice in your healing power, O Spirit of Wisdom, and raise up praises for all God's blessing and mercy. You are gracious and tender to us in our loneliness or affliction, O Lord: You bear us up when we are weary. O Merciful God, receive our humble offerings of thanks, and hear our petitions for those who name.


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