Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 16 (Day 366)

Almighty God, surround us in a cloud of rejoicing as we rise to take up our place in the throngs who praise You. 

Let us join hands in a circle of brotherhood and lift up our hearts to You, O Mighty Redeemer. You are our shield and our breastplate, the wind at our backs to send us forth in the power of your Name. We thank you for endowing us with reason and skill: let us use all your gifts in your service. 

Abide with those who are ill today, and guide the minds and the hands of those who treat them. Remember us, O Lord, in our sorrows and afflictions, in our cares and concerns. Hear the deepest longings of our hearts, drawing us to You, for we long for your comfort and counsel. 

In your tender love and care, Lord Christ, lift up the hearts of those for whom we now pray.


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