Saturday, November 23, 2013

Prayer 307 (For Day 2 of Diocesan Convention)

O Lord, You are the source of life and light: You have made the sea and the dry land and all that dwells there. 

We thank You for all Your manifold kindnesses: let us seek to do Your will in all we do.
You have called us to be disciples: let us seek and serve Your wisdom, not that of the world.
You have given us a mission to love one another: let all our actions promote the love of God to the world.
You have given us resources and talents: let us not bury them but use them to proclaim Your salvation to the world.
Look with favor upon your people, as they work and as they pray and seek to open their hearts to You, Loving One. 

Give wisdom to those in authority, comfort to the weary, and protection to the traveller. Hear our petitions as we place them before You.


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