Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 306 (For Day 1 of Diocesan Convention)

We thank You, Loving One, for the gifts You have given us in your generosity and everlasting love for us.

For the blessing of this new day, that we use it to the glory and worship of your Name, we thank You, O God.
For the blessing of our talents and abilities, for we all can do something in service of You, we thank You, O God.
For the blessing of friends and loved ones, and for those we will meet today to see your face before us, we thank You, O God.
We lay our prayers and petitions before your altar, O Loving One, for You uphold us always.
Grant us the wisdom to seek your will, not ours, in all we do.
Grant us the will to fight for the weak, the outcast, the poor, and the lowly.
Let us seek always to hear the better angels of our nature & fulfill your command to establish justice and peace.

Grant us the strength to meet our challenges and trials with grace and perseverance, especially for these we now name.


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