Monday, May 27, 2019

Prayer, day 2311: for Memorial Day

For Memorial Day 

Most Precious Jesus,
we rise to give you praise,
and lay our thanksgivings at your feet.
Breathe upon us, Breath of God:
renew our hearts and spirits
that we may love as little children love,
in joy and wonder. 

Help us honor those
who have fought overseas or at home
for the freedoms we now enjoy,
and who longed for peace. 
Help us remember our call
to defend the oppressed,
the impoverished,
the marginalized,
and the weak. 
Strengthen us, O Almighty God,
to stand against those
at home or abroad
who espouse violence, hatred, inequality, or tyranny. 

Lord, you know the inmost secrets of our hearts:
comfort all who mourn.
O Gracious Spirit,
illumine our hearts with your truth and glory,
and lift up those we now name.


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