Sunday, March 31, 2019

Prayer 2254: Fourth Sunday in Lent

On the Prodigal Son

Most Merciful God,
we are blessed this day to gather around your altar,
led here by your limitless love.

We have wasted the blessings you have given us,
and rejected your love:
forgive us our sins, we humbly pray.

We hear your call to repentance, O Lord,
and no matter how far we have strayed,
we turn and find You right behind us,
leading us the rest of the way home.

You are the God who seeks out the lost,
and rejoices when they are found
in the generous arms of your grace and mercy.

As we have been reconciled by your grace,
so let us lay down the burden of our resentments,
and live out your grace in the lives of each other,
honoring your image in each face we see.

Grant your comfort, O Holy One,
to all who suffer any grief or trouble,
especially those whom we now name.


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