Thursday, January 24, 2019

Prayer, day 2188

O God, Shepherd of Our Souls,
you love us and watch over us with a never-sleeping eye,
and your hand holds us fast.
You have set your angels over us to encompass us all,
interceding for us before your throne:
deliver us, we pray, in our troubles and trials,
and forgive us our manifold offenses.
All we like sheep have gone astray:
yet when we wander from your paths,
You seek us out and find us, O Holy One,
rejoicing at redemption and turning away from wrath.
Teach us to likewise seek the lost,
to serve the outcast,
to be merciful and forgiving in all our ways,
to the glory of your name.
Help us turn from evil and do good,
help us to seek peace and pursue it in word and deed,
remembering your justice is ever grounded in mercy and love.
For you sent your Son into world
in the name of salvation, not condemnation,
and we as your disciples are called to do likewise,
testifying to and embodying your great mercy and love.
Remembering your faithfulness in always hearing us,
in being alongside us whether lost or found,
we ask your blessing upon all those cry out to You,
O Spirit of Reconciliation and Healing,
especially those whose needs we now lift before You
as we pray.


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