Sunday, January 20, 2019

Prayer, day 2184: 2nd Sunday After Pentecost C

Arise my soul
and give to the Holy One thanks and praise,
who has carried me in safety throughout the night
and sheltered me within the tenderness of God's embrace.

Beloved Savior,
you provide for us abundantly,
teaching us and leading us in compassion and mercy:
may we walk in your ways with mindfulness and faith.

As you turned the water into wine in Cana, Lord,
so turn our hearts from stone to flesh,
that we may produce abundant love in the world.
May we serve You, Blessed Jesus,
as we care for each other,
seeking out the lost and the hurting,
the oppressed and the fearful,
standing alongside those in need
as one body.

Spirit of the Living God,
fill us to overflowing with your grace and truth,
and pour out your blessing and comfort
on those for whom we pray.


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