Thursday, January 31, 2019

Prayer 2195

Almighty God,
you pierce the darkness within us
and make us glad:
let us arise to sing a song of praise to You.
Take us by the hand today, O Lord,
and guide us in the ways of peace.
Let no word leave our lips
but that which sings of your mercy and lovingkindness.
Weave your love
into the fabric of our souls,
that we be knit together as a holy people.
Inspire us to place our selves in your service,
that we burn brightly
as a beacon of justice and reconciliation.
Soothe us in body, mind, and spirit,
that we may always remember your great goodness.
Hear our thanksgivings and our petitions
for our brothers and sisters,
and bend near to all who call upon You.


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