Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Prayer 2193: Learning from Nature, Walking with Jesus

Blessed are you, O Creating God,
who is making the Earth and the heavens;
who has made for us countless wonders
and placed them within our care.

Come, let us turn to the Way of Love,
and proclaim the beauty of holiness and compassion
by walking in the healing path of Jesus.
Let us take up our sacred obligations
to love each other and love our God,
walking gently upon the Earth
and in harmony with all its inhabitants.

May we work for God's glory
with the industry of the honeybee
and the diligence of the monarch tending their blooms;
the joyfulness of the lark
singing her praise to the sky;
and the endurance of the eagle,
whose wings never tire.

Spirit of the Living God,
enflame our hearts and inform our minds:
let your blessing rest upon us
and upon all for whom we pray.


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