Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Prayer, day 2151

O God, awaken your people
to the hope of our approaching Savior,
and accept their offered praises and petitions.
May justice and peace kiss each other,
and may we embody their wisdom in our hearts.

May we act with mercy and gentleness,
remembering how often You, O Lord,
have reached out to us when we've strayed.

May we dedicate ourselves
to building a table of brotherhood where we find division.
Let us commit ourselves
to acting in love and caritas where we find enmity and bitterness.

O Holy One,
make us worthy servants in your household,
and give us healing hands to do your work.
Bless us and keep us as the apple of your eye,
and send your blessing over those
whose cares we bring before You.


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