Thursday, December 6, 2018

Prayer 2139

Night tells its tale to the dawn:
it has gently enveloped us in its velvet embrace,
opening our eyes
to the delicacy of light's filigree from the candle's flame
as our prayers ascend to You, O Creating God.

Almighty One,
we thank you for the darkness which opens our eyes,
reminding us to seek you always,
even when our way seems veiled.

Take us by the hand, Precious Savior,
and lead us deeper into the mysteries of your grace,
for we know our faults,
and yet your mercy continually draws us in.
Accept our repentance, we pray, O Lord.

Let our mouths be filled with praise,
and our hearts with gratitude and tenderness,
that we may serve you in constancy and love.

Pour out your spirit upon the turbulent waters of our souls,
and grant your peace to all who watch or weep, O Holy One,
especially those whose needs we lift before You.


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