Sunday, November 25, 2018

Prayer 2128: Last Sunday After Pentecost (Christ the King)

God of Mercy, Grace, and Love,
Creator of All,
we gather before your altars to praise You,
and open our hearts to be filled with your compassion.

Renew within us a Spirit of Healing,
and a thirst for justice and true peace,
we humbly pray,
that we may remember our charge
to be intruments of hope and change for good.
May we invite You, Lord Christ,
to rule our wills and minds
that we may be transformed by your gospel,
gentled and restored by your loving embrace,
renewed in love and purity of heart.
May we walk in love and companionship with all creation,
and care for each other as You care for us, O Savior.

Consecrate us with the oil of gladness and fellowship,
O Holy Trinity, O Sacred One,
and grant your peace and benediction to all,
especially those for whom we pray.


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