Saturday, October 27, 2018

Prayer, day 2100: Pray, then act

(based on Luke 11:2-5)
Loving One, thank You for teaching us how to pray,
and for attending our prayers so that we may rest in You.

Let your name be holy
and your glory shine before us.

May your kingdom come to us on earth,
and may we work to build it
and fulfill your loving hope for us.

Give us the sustenance we need this day--
bread for the body
and your Love for the soul.

Grant us your forgiveness for our sins--
to each other and to You
 known and unknown,
done by us
and done for us.

Give us the grace and awareness to let go of resentment 
and forgive others who have hurt us.

Preserve us from temptation,
for we are sheep who often wander too far from your voice,
and then know not how to return.

Hear the prayers and supplications of your people,
especially those whose needs we now name.


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