Monday, October 22, 2018

Prayer, day 2095

Lord Jesus, we place all of our being--
hearts, hopes and our very breath--
securely within your care,
rejoicing in the dawn.
You have watched us through the velvet darkness:
abide with us as we carry our love for you into the world.

The sparrow sings from the rooftop:
let us sing out our thanks and praise forever,
and witness to your light in our lives.
Lord God, guide us into paths of peace and reconciliation:
gentle our hearts,
and bring us to unity in You.

Holy One, Merciful and Steadfast,
place your healing hands upon our cares and sorrows,
our pains and burdens.
Even in the busyness of our day
let us remember that You tenderly envelop us in love
for the love of the entire world.
Lord, we lay our intercessions before You as a priestly people:
bless and keep us, and those for whom we pray.


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