Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Prayer 2097

God of the universe
and God of the caterpillar,
God of the cosmos
and God of the sparrow:
your eye is upon us,
guarding us this day,
and we praise you
from our heart and our marrow.

Bright Morning Star,
Prince of Peace,
we are shaped by your gentle hand
like a potter working at the wheel:
make us worthy vessels
to be filled with your wisdom, Lord Christ,
healed and restored
by your grace and everlasting love.

Holy Spirit,
Advocate and Sanctifier,
set our hearts and souls ablaze
in service to the way of love,
walking gently upon the Earth
as companions to each other.
Holy One, you know our cares
before we ask:
grant your peace upon those
for whom we pray.


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