Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Prayer 2089: Resting within the embrace of Christ

God of All Mercy,
we turn to You in adoration and praise:
let us bow the knee of our hearts
as we lay our prayers before You.

Give us courage and initiative
to bear your gospel into the world,
that our lives may be testimony to the world
of the grace, wisdom, and peace of Christ.

Vouchsafe to your keeping, Blessed Jesus,
all who are troubled, endangered,
or adrift in a sea of cares.
May we rest within your strong embrace, O God,
even in the midst of the storm,
for You are our crag and our fortress.

Spirit of the Living God,
reign within our hearts and minds,
and set us free from sin and cynicism today.
Baptized into the hope of your kingdom, Precious Lord,
set the seal of your blessing upon all who rest in You,
as we humbly pray.


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