Saturday, September 22, 2018

Prayer 2065

Almighty One,
Beloved, Merciful God,
we offer our hearts and hopes to You this day.

In the darkened rooms of our hearts,
we fumble blindly for You, Lord Christ,
forgetting that You are Light,
and abide forever with us.

Help us to let in the Light of Christ, therefore,
to fill the corners of our spirits
with hope and compassion.
Lead us into paths of righteousness,
that we be a priestly people
praying on behalf of the world
for unity and peace.

Let us be transformed
by the power of your gospel of reconciliation and mercy,
O Spirit of Truth.
Enveloped within the chorus of heaven,
let us place our intercessions and joys
before You, O God, and rejoice.
Lord, accept our prayers and praises,
and those we offer for our loved ones.


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