Monday, September 10, 2018

Prayer 2053: A Song of Praise

In peace,
I rest in contemplation before you, O Creator:
your mercies are new every morning.
The heavens dance to the melody of creation:
as I rise and turn my face to the sun, 
let me sing a song of gratitude
from the foundation of my soul,
for I know that our Redeemer lives.

Let my delight and faith in you, O God,
always be green and flourishing:
plant my heart within your domain,
in the verdant garden of your grace,
and enclose me within the beauty of your dwelling.

Blessed Jesus, my hope is ever in you:
You are my companion and my shield,
my savior and my shepherd.

Lead us into wisdom and compassion,
O Spirit of Healing and Holiness,
that we remember our kinship with all the earth
and walk mindfully in companionship with all creation.
Holy One, anoint us with the oil of gladness,
and grant your peace like a balm
upon those for whom we pray.


Illustration: a Dine Tree of Life rug.

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