Monday, August 27, 2018

Prayer, day 2039: a prayer of resistance and hope

Most Merciful God, bend near,
and place the balm of your spirit
upon this turbulent world we have made.
Let us hear again your call to live
as children of light, justice, healing, and peace. 

Lord, let us be children of light.

When we stumble blindly
in the storms of sin and destruction,
let us be filled with and reflect the light of your love. 

Let us be for laborers for justice.

Let us seek to not live by the sword,
but by the wisdom and grace of your Word. 

Let us be for agents of healing.

Let us seek reconciliation and repentance,
not retribution,
for one wound cannot be healed by another. 

Lord, let us be for peace.

Let us unclench the fists of our hearts,
renouncing all that separates us from each other. 

Lord, let our cry come to You from the depths

as we pray in your mercy.


1263, 1713

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