Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Prayer 2041: Gratitude in the Storm

As rain blesses and waters the longing Earth,
so, Creator God, we long for You,
and offer our gratitude
for the abundant blessings You shower upon us.
For your lovingkindness and protecting hand, O Lord,
that has kept us safe through darkness and storm,
we thank You and sing out your praise!

Blessed Jesus, lead us to walk in paths of wisdom and justice,
that we embody your gospel of mercy this day.
In your compassion, forgive us our sins and waywardness,
that we may turn again to your guidance with joy.
Unite us as living witnesses to your grace,
working for the reconciliation of the world in love.
Make us gentle and humble of spirit,
that we may listen and learn from those we meet.

Spirit of the Living God,
sanctify and bless us this day,
that we may ourselves be a blessing.
Give your angels charge over all who call upon You, Lord,
especially those for whom we now pray.


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