Friday, August 3, 2018

Prayer 2015: Nourished in Faith

Almighty and Ever-loving God,
we lift up our hearts before you,
praising you from the depths of our souls,
seeking your word to guide us.

May our works today
testify to your loving-kindness, Holy One,
and may we be bearers of your grace
into all the corners of the Earth.

May our words today
be gentle and compassionate, O Redeemer,
reflecting your mercy and embodying your truth.

May our path today
be one of integrity and healing, Lord Christ,
that we walk gently upon the earth,
and alongside each other
as companions and kindred spirits.

Bread of Life,
nourish us with your hope and your wisdom,
that we may serve you in joy.
By the power of the Holy Spirit,
pour out your peace and comfort
over all for whom we pray.


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