Thursday, July 26, 2018

Prayer, day 2007

Almighty, Merciful, Beneficent One:
we bow before You in prayer.
We thank You and bless your holy Name,
which hearts sing out when tongues cannot.
You are our God:
bless us and mold us, and hear our prayers. 

Loving One,
help us to never be a stumbling block for our neighbors,
but give us generous, loving hearts for all.
Make us gentle, grateful stewards of your creation,
that we may love it and care for it
as we do our own body.
Purify our hearts and minds,
that we may serve You night and day
with alleluias on our hearts and minds. 

Remembering our faults,
may we be filled with mercy and compassion for all we meet,
who are made in your image.
Now, in your goodness and grace,
send your healing, comforting Spirit, we pray,
upon these who call upon You.


1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your reminder of "hospitaity"
    We recently moved and have wonderful neighbors. May I have your permission to share this with them?
    May you continued to be blessed with words to reach other's hearts.