Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Prayer, day 1963

Holy God,
we thank You for bringing us through the dark of night
to the dawn of this new day.
Awaken us from our slumber
with a song of joy and wonder imprinted upon our souls,
that we may worship and bless You through our day. 

You made us from the earth

that we may remember our kinship with it:
may we serve and care for this Earth, our home.
May we remember and honor the wisdom
that is woven into the very fabric of creation,
that calls us to be humble and reverent before it.
Merciful One, may we use your gifts to feed the hungry
and care for those in trouble,
remembering your call to love and compassion.
May we seek to embody your healing touch upon those we meet,
and serve the common good in each step. 

Broadcast your mercy like seeds, Almighty God,

upon those whom we raise before You as we pray.


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