Thursday, June 28, 2018

Prayer 1979: Inspired by Matthew 20:17-28

(Matthew 20:17-28)
We lift our prayers to You,
O Love Above All Loves,
and place our hearts and souls within your keeping:
thanks be to God!

Teach us to walk in humility and compassion, Lord Christ,
as companions in joy and sorrow with all the earth,
which you created in unity
for the sake of love.
You gave your life as a ransom for all, O Savior:
let us dedicate ourselves
to serving God and each other
in love and faithfulness
according to your commandment.

Teach us to seek the good of others, O Redeemer,
to serve rather than be served,
that we may embody your grace and mercy.

By the path we take today, O God,
may we shine forth the love of God into darkness,
reconcile the world to your truth,
and proclaim your marvels as your witnesses.

Spirit of Hope, kindle your light within us,
and pour out your grace and peace
upon those for whom we pray.


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