Saturday, June 23, 2018

Prayer 1974: inspired by Psalm 90

O God our Refuge, we find our home in You,
Who welcomes all who wander,
all who seek shelter and protection.
O Merciful One, you bring us under the shadow of your wing,
and turn away no one who seeks You:
may we embody your mercy and lovingkindness,
humbly giving thanks for your salvation and love.

Lord God, forgive us our faithlessness and cynicism,
our consumption without concern for tomorrow
or the needs of those around us:
set our hearts again within your law of love,
and strengthen us in integrity and communion.

Teach us to number our days, O Spirit of Wisdom,
that we may apply the time you have given us
to growing in compassion and discernment,
pursuing justice and reconciliation
with hearts grateful for your saving grace.
In the name of Jesus, grant your comfort and rest
to those whose needs we now lift before You, as we pray.


(Psalm 90

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