Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Prayer 1971: Living as children in the kingdom of God

(Matthew 18:1-9)
Almighty God, our Abba and Protector,
we awaken knowing your angels have watched over us,
feeling your protecting hand cradle our heads,
and we have rested securely in your embrace:
we thank you and bless your holy name.

Our Savior, you place a child before us
as an exemplar of your love and devotion:
make us likewise humble and innocent,
and give us welcoming hearts for all who come to us.
Strengthen us, we pray, in kindness and wonder,
in reverence and awe at the beauty of this world,
which is your gift and your charge to us.

As your disciples, Lord Christ,
may we embody charity and faithfulness,
working for justice and mercy,
protecting the vulnerable and comforting the refugee,
renouncing the forces of cruelty and contempt
at loose among us.

Spirit of the Living God,
kindle within us the fire of mercy and compassion,
and set our feet upon the holy path of reconciliation
that all we do may glorify the name of Jesus,
and testify to the lovingkindness of our God.

Merciful One--
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer of our souls--
sanctify us to your service this day,
and gather into your arms those for whom we pray.


Photo: Child playing in a park in Paris, Square Rene-Viviani in the V Arrondissement, Quai de Montebello, 2012. The fountain he rests his hand upon is dedicated to St. Julian the Hospitaller, who is  sometimes depicted as carrying a leper through a river (the image the child's hand rests upon).

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