Saturday, June 9, 2018

Prayer 1960: Inspired by Matthew 15:10-20

Bishop Doug Sparks explains the history of St. Augustine's Church in Gary, IN.

Almighty God, our Shield and our Stay,
we praise you and bless your tender hand
that has rested upon our brows
as a mother watched her sleeping babe through the night.

May we be led, Lord Jesus, by your holy example
in paths of gentleness and integrity,
that our lives be testimony to your gospel of justice.
Let the words that come from our hearts be pure,
and the works that proceed from our hands be loving,
that we may give only honor and glory to you, O God,
telling out your love and faithfulness for all to witness.

In the name of our Savior,
let us soothe the suffering,
heal the hurting,
feed the hungry,
shelter the refugee and the stranger,
as you have called us to do,
tearing down the barriers that divide us.
May all we do as your disciples, O Holy One, be sealed by joy,
that we may knit together the frayed strands of peace
that we have undone with cutting words and selfish ways.

God of Abundance, pour out your Spirit within us,
and bless and keep all those whose cares and hopes we lift before You.


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