Thursday, May 24, 2018

Prayer 1944: Inspired by Matthew 11:28-30

Almighty Creator,
who is making the heavens and the earth,
your Spirit moves over us,
renewing our hearts and spirits in hope.

Let us lean upon you, Blessed Jesus,
and learn from you the way
of true justice, abundant mercy, and steadfast peace.
Bless and preserve us this day,
that we may serve you, O God,
taking up your yoke of love with joy.

Holy One, we lay our cares and concerns before You,
trusting in your steadfast and tender mercy,
your grace which knows no end.
Gather within your embrace all who cry out to you,
O Shepherd of Our Souls,
and place your healing hand upon all for whom we pray.


inspired by Matthew 11:28-30, from today's daily office

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