Saturday, May 19, 2018

Prayer 1939: Inspired by Matthew 9:18-26

O Merciful Creator,
we praise and bless You for this day,
and lift our hearts to you in prayer,
seeking your guidance as your beloved children.
Lord Jesus Christ,
extend the hand of your healing over us,
bringing us under the canopy of your grace,
reconciling us to God and to each other in humility and love.
Teach us through your example
to work for justice and reconciliation among all people,
that we may embody your truth and light
to the ends of the earth.
Spirit of the Living God,
consecrate our hearts and minds
to proclaim the wonders of God's love to all the world,
that we may testify to your wisdom and hope.
Holy Trinity, Living God,
grant your favor upon all who seek You,
and grant your blessing upon those whose needs we now name.


Image: Jesus heals the hemorrhaging woman when she touches his cloak

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