Thursday, May 17, 2018

Prayer 1937: Inspired by Matthew 9:1-8

Blessed Redeemer,
we praise and bless you
as the dawning light fills our eyes,
and our prayers fill our hearts with thankfulness.

Make us gracious and compassionate, O Lover of Souls:
help us to release the grudges that weigh us down,
to forgive, as much as we have needed forgiveness,
remembering your mercy and forbearance.

Give us the will to believe
in the power of Christ to forgive us and heal us,
that we may be released from our bondage to our wounds,
and allow healing light to shine from us,
our brokenness redeemed by Christ's love.

May we walk in paths of healing,
rejoicing and praising all God has done for us.
By the power of the Holy Spirit,
renew our spirits and revive our souls, O God,
and pour out your blessing over those for whom we pray.


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